Tuesday, July 04, 2006

At last!!!!

It's been 6 months, but I've finally had time to make some jewelry. Going back to college had me much busier than I thought I would be. And moving into a new house also prevented me from beading. Finished with school for the summer. And unpacked enough to find my beading needles. Here is what I've finished so far. Two necklaces and a bracelet. Both have been added to my website, too.

The light pink necklace worked up really nicely. It has a soft look to it. It's nice when a piece comes together without a lot of struggle. It's a simple spiral stitch, with size 8 core beads, and size 11 outer beads. The pendant is attached to a peyote tube. It can slide off - nice for a simpler look.

The almost white looking bracelet (bottom picture) is done in a double spiral stitch. The picture just doesn't show it off as nice as it is in person. It actually feels "fluid" when you hold it. The focal bead clasp - from the same lampwork artist I've mentioned before - Lorraine from Glass and Splinters in Australia. I have to resist buying each week when she posts her new creations on her website.

The first photo is of a necklace that coordinates nicely with the bracelet. A single spiral, but with all size 8 seed beads. Added the focal bead to a right angle weave slider. So, again, it can be worn with or without the pendant.

Three pieces in just about a week's time. Wow! But have to focus a bit on learning Dreamweaver and CSS, too. I'm hoping to redesign my website before school starts in mid-August. We'll see how it goes. The new site might be a work in progress for quite awhile on my computer before it gets uploaded. : )

Until next time!

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Some progress made.....

Made good progress on the necklace. Had to order more beads so that I'll be able to finish the necklace. I thought I had plenty. (oops.) Fortunately, the part I need them for will be slightly separate from the main spiral of the necklace -- so no worries about a different dye lot. Hope to finish the necklace this weekend. (I've had plenty of web design homework to keep me away from beading. So far it's all very interesting.)

My latest purchase (yet to arrive in the mail) are a few crazy quilt pendants. They were mentioned in the recent Beadwork magazine. So cool! The pendants can be viewed at http://www.jubilibeadsandyarns.com/hg_6.html . Jubili Beads and Yarns sells them exclusively. At least while they last! I thought they were so unique that I had to snap up a few. I'm going to love designing the necklace to hang them from!

Friday, January 13, 2006


Stumbled across this site tonight. Beautiful beads. When I buy beads again - she'll get an order from me. : ) Have a look!

Designercabs......dichroic glass cabochons, fused dichroic glass cabochons, dichroic glass, and Dichroic glass beads.

Fusion Beads

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I've been busy with my first week of college for web design. Unfortunately the photo below is how the necklace still looks on my work table. But if there are any beaders who stumble on my site, I just wanted to post the link to Fusion Beads - one of my favorite bead buying sites. I have found that they have a wonderful site, reasonable prices, and prompt delivery.

Sunday, January 08, 2006

Pink spiral necklace

I purchased a set of beads from a fabulous bead artist in Australia: Glass & Splinters Lampwork. I've been staring at these beads for almost a month now. Different ideas come and go. Different color combinations of seed beads, fringe beads, you name it. Then when I order beads - the beads that arrive don't exactly match their website or catalog. Which is ok, and something I'm already aware of. Part of the fun. Forces one to improvise. Even tonight I changed my mind as to what beads I would put with one of the lampwork beads. I started out thinking I'd have some white fringe beads as part of the spiral necklace. Just didn't seem to look right when I put the beads out on the table and really focused on the bead stitch. I have two more of these focal beads. A darker spiral stitch is planned for the next one.

In the photo is what I plan to make the spiral out of. Note that I said "plan." : ) The focal bead will be attached to a peyote slide that I will make to fit over the spiral necklace (then you have 2 necklaces for the price of one!). I also hope to have some fringe hanging from the focal bead made up of the beads used in the spiral necklace. I begin my web design classes tomorrow - so I don't know how long before the necklace is finished.

Saturday, January 07, 2006

A few completed pieces

I wanted to share a few pictures of pieces I've completed. I'm began doing a few woven seed bead stitches in 2005. They are more time consuming than stringing larger beads onto a strand of jewelry wire, but the results are worth it. This blue bracelet was created with a basic spiral stitch, using size 15/0 and 11/0 seed beads (the larger the number, the smaller the bead). This particular bracelet took just over 2 hours to complete. You can purchase this at my website Beaded-Inspirations.

The black and white bracelet is actually a double spiral stitch. I've had people ask if the beads were just twisted together - I wish it were that easy! The double spiral stitch just involves an extra step than the blue single spiral bracelet. The seed beads used for this one are size 11/0 and 8/0. The seed bead size and the double spiral makes this bracelet chunkier than the blue one.

This is all for today. I've got several projects ahead of me that I'll share. There are always more ideas than time when it comes to beading!

Friday, January 06, 2006

Getting Started

This is the inaugural entry to my bead blog. My goal is to give you a glimpse of new jewelry creations and my comments about creating the jewelry. Hope you enjoy reading my posts. : ) Photos to be posted later!